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Aims and Scope

Acta Microbiologica Hellenica is the official journal of the Hellenic Society for Microbiology, aiming at the constant education of Biopathologists, Clinical Microbiologists, as well as of every scientist involved in Laboratory and Clinical Medicine.

Editorial Board


Editor in Chief

Tsakris (Greece)

Scientific Assistant

Tsiamis (Greece)

Editorial Board

Aydemir (Turkey)

Exindari (Greece)

Friedrich (Netherlands)

A.S. Galabov (Bulgaria)

Gioula (Greece)

Gottig (Germany)

Hadziyannis (Greece)

P.G. Higgins (Germany)

Th. Kantardjieff (Bulgaria)

Kempf (Germany)

Kocić (Serbia)

Murdjeva (Bulgaria)

A.-M. Năşcuţiu (Romania)

Papa (Greece)

Papaparaskevas (Greece)

Pournaras (Greece)

Rafila (Romania)

G.M. Rossolini (Italy)

Spanakis (Greece)

Stefani (Italy)

Tsantes (Greece)

Vrioni (Greece)

Zarkotou (Greece)


Journal of Hellenic Society for Microbiology (Acta Microbiologica Hellenica) is owned to Hellenic Society for Microbiology.


Journal Information

Frequency: Quarterly

Publication versions: Print

Electronic (Open Access)

Publication Launch Year: 1956 [until today]

Country: Greece

ISSN: 0438-9573 (Print)

e-ISSN: 2459-4113 (Electronic)

Language: Greek, English

Discipline: Microbiology

Topics: Bacteriology




Laboratory Haematology

Medical Biochemistry and Immunology

History of Microbiology

Peer Reviewer: Double blind (reviewer and author are anonymous to each other)

Time of first decision: 20 days from submission





Publication Fees

There are no fees